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Cala Luna Charter escursione in barca da Cala Gonone nel Golfo di Orosei

il pacchetto completo per la tua vacanza in Sardegna

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The Puma sets sail each day at 09.30 from the small, tourist harbour of Cala Gonone. Once aboard Captain Salvatore invites you to experience crystal blue seas, the like of which you will have seen only in post-cards or films. Salvatore’s local knowledge will provide you with an insight into the historical, archaeological and legendary culture of the island – one steeped in folklore and mythology. Once underway the first destination is Cala Luna (Moon Beach) before the boat heads on to Goloritzé and its dramatic mountain peaks. After taking in panoramic views of the coast in its entirety we will follow the sun to the beautiful, remote beaches of Cala Gabbiani and Mariolu, before heading to Cala Biriola, where we will take a well-earned break and pause for some lunch. After lunch we will return to Cala Luna in order to better enjoy the stunning waters and scenery of this unique location. The day ends at approximately 17.30 as the Puma glides gracefully back into the harbour at Cala Gonone, leaving you free to continue your Sardinian adventure with memories to last a lifetime.

***All times and journeys are at the mercy of Mother Nature and thus subject to change!***


 Interactive map of the gulf

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difendi l'ambiente a Cala Gonone