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Cala Luna Charter escursione in barca da Cala Gonone nel Golfo di Orosei

il pacchetto completo per la tua vacanza in Sardegna

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fishing in the OROSEI gulf

Live the emotion of a day fishing in the Gulf of Orosei with our Captain Salvatore. Cala Luna Charter Service offers a fishing boat deal for all the lovers of this magnificent sport. Equipment is included in the rent of the boat and suitable for all levels of fishermen. We offer trawler fishing, vertical jigging, as well as classic fishing lines. The Puma is equipped for the detection of bathymetric and shoals on the far coast. Come the end of the day you keep what you catch, guaranteeing you the freshest of dinners and a first class taste of the sea..

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difendi l'ambiente a Cala Gonone