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Cala Luna Charter escursione in barca da Cala Gonone nel Golfo di Orosei

il pacchetto completo per la tua vacanza in Sardegna

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Cala Luna Charter: Services



Cala Luna Charter offers you the chance of experiencing the sea at its best .
If you are interested in spending a day relaxing and enjoying our magnificent coast, visit the section "Cruising the gulf"
Otherwise, if you prefer to experience the thrill of fishing, try and visit the "Fishing" section.
The Puma is also available for exclusive rental, giving you the freedom of choosing how to explore our coast, in your own time and with complete freedom.
If you are looking for a place to stay, with Hotel Cala Luna you'll be sure to enjoy all the comfort and hospitality Cala Gonone has to offer. Otherwise, if you are looking for a private apartment rental, take a look at the "Jlune Residence" website, a family owned residence located a few steps away from the beaches of Palmasera.

Hotel Cala Luna also provides many optional services, aimed to assist those of you who like to travel light or arrived in Cala Gonone without their own car.

- Snorkeling equipent and beach umbrella:
  complementary  for the hotel costumers

- Rent a beach towel :
  for one day euro 3
  for two days euro 4
  for three days euro 5

Pack lunch:
  two sandwiches
  fruit and vegetables
  local chease
  a bottle of water
  all for just 8 euros!




If you are looking for a guided trek in the Sardinian hinterland, we guarantee you the best service with the company "Gennargentu snc". Visit their website for more information



Should you have any question do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to assist you.

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difendi l'ambiente a Cala Gonone