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Cala Luna Charter escursione in barca da Cala Gonone nel Golfo di Orosei

il pacchetto completo per la tua vacanza in Sardegna

in the Orosei Gulf

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Whether you are visiting the Orosei Gulf for the first time, or you are already a connoisseur of our beautiful coast, a mini-cruise on board of the Puma offers you maximum comfort at reduced prices. Its stable and safe navigation makes it an ideal way to explore the coast, even for those enjoying their first sea experience. Photography lovers will not find a better way to experience the splendour and extraordinary natural resource that is the Sardinian coast. Enjoy the unspoilt beauty of our island, complimented by a small and friendly crew eager to help and make your journey an experience you will never forget.


At the heart of the Orosei Gulf is the small, picturesque town of Cala Gonone, an ideal launch pad from which to explore the stunning coast. Cala Gonone is a town offering a perfect blend of relaxing days with a bustling nightlife. The local Cala Gonone Hotel provides a great base to get some rest after busy days enjoying the sea.


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in the Orosei gulf




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